Early Stage Pipeline

Immuno-oncology represents a paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer, and biological drugs blocking immune checkpoint targets have already resulted in long-term patient survival in certain cancer types. Despite their potential, current checkpoint inhibitors are limited to a few targets and are only effective in certain patients and in certain cancers. We believe that the identification of new drug targets and new biological pathways has the potential to broaden the reach of cancer immunotherapies to more types of cancers and many more patients. Our early-stage programs were discovered using our discovery capabilities and consists of drug targets with the potential to address various mechanisms of immune resistance and consequently may provide new cancer immunotherapies for patients non-responsive to current cancer therapies. Our most advanced early-stage program, COM503, is a potential first-in-class, high affinity antibody, which blocks the interaction between IL-18 binding protein and IL-18, thereby releasing the natural IL-18 into the tumor microenvironment to inhibit cancer growth. We are currently advancing COM503 in IND enabling studies and plan to file an IND in 2024.

Compugen’s discovery platform has identified multiple potential myeloid targets and the company is pursuing the research and development of novel therapeutics to further grow its pipeline.

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