Compugen is a clinical-stage drug discovery and development company utilizing a broadly applicable, predictive computational discovery platforms to identify novel drug targets and new biological pathways and develop therapeutics in the field of cancer immunotherapy. Recognizing the potential of immuno-oncology to shift the cancer treatment landscape, we chose to focus on the discovery of new drug targets to extend the reach of cancer immunotherapies to new patient populations.

Our approach is rooted in more than a decade of pioneering multidisciplinary research involving the development of innovative computational approaches for the discovery of novel drug targets.

This approach, which resulted in three programs in clinical development, is constantly evolving and allows us to discover novel drug targets and develop a deep understanding of cancer biology. Integrated into our computational discovery capabilities, we have extensive drug target validation processes and drug development capabilities that employ rigorous experimentation. This allows us to identify promising immunotherapy drug candidates and to translate our in-silico findings into potentially first-in-class therapeutics with the potential to improve patient outcomes.
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