From Code to Cure®

Using a predictive computational platform to discover untapped drug targets and extend the reach of cancer immunotherapies to new patient populations


We are advancing new therapeutics and optimizing their combination to expand immuno-oncology treatment options to cancer patients who are refractory or unresponsive to currently available drugs

t cell image
t cell image

Computational Discovery

Our approach leverages the predictive power of our computational drug target discovery platform to discover novel drug targets

Clinical Trials

Our potentially first-in-class therapeutic antibodies targeting novel pathways are currently being evaluated in multiple clinical trials

Corporate Presentation

Our Triple Combination Approach

We believe that the PVRIG pathway we discovered is a potential paradigm shifting target to enhance patient responses to cancer immunotherapies and may provide new treatment options as monotherapy or in combination with other immune checkpoints to expand the reach of cancer immunotherapies to new patient populations.


Join Our Team

Join our team of leading research experts and drug developers that discover novel drug targets and develop treatments to extend the reach of immunotherapies


Compugen has received over 120 granted or pending patents and published over 80 peer reviewed publications

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