Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are the most rapidly growing drug class, with over 20 mAbs already approved for therapeutic use in the U.S. for various clinical indications, including oncology, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. In addition, they have demonstrated a higher success rate in development than other drug classes. However, a key continuing challenge is the identification of novel promising targets. To this end, Compugen harnessed its unique predictive capabilities to develop target discovery platforms, such as Compugen’s Antibody Therapeutic Targets Discovery Platform and Protein Family Members Discovery Platform, which are utilized for discovering mAb targets for oncology and immunology.

In 2010 we initiated our Pipeline Program pursuant to which we intend to both (i) substantially increase the number of predicted and selected product candidates being evaluated by us, and (ii) take selected product candidates further beyond their initial proof of concept into preclinical activities. In December 2011 Compugen announced that it will significantly broaden and accelerate its mAb activities for oncology and immunology. These expanded activities will include a significant increase in the number of mAb candidates being developed in parallel against Compugen-discovered targets in the Pipeline Program, and the planned in-house establishment of certain key mAb preclinical development capabilities.

In March 2012, we established operations in South San Francisco, California for the development of oncology and immunology monoclonal antibody (mAb) drug candidates against Compugen-discovered targets. The mission for Compugen Inc., the wholly owned subsidiary of Compugen Ltd., is to translate the growing portfolio of novel mAb targets being discovered and validated by the parent company into promising mAb drug candidates for licensing and partnering. Compugen Ltd