Disease Associated Conformation peptide blockers

The “Blockers of Disease-Associated Conformation” (DAC Blockers) platform is a discovery platform designed to identify segments in proteins of interest that, if introduced therapeutically as synthetic peptides, would block specific conformational changes of such proteins, thereby preventing them from adopting disease-associated conformations and related activities (Kliger et al., 2009). A key capability of this platform is that it enables a proteome wide search for conformational change blocking peptides in human, viral and bacterial proteomes based only on sequence information. Using this platform we have identified several such peptides for three different targets and have advanced them into in vivo studies. These three peptides have shown biological efficacy in additional experimental models, further demonstrating both their potential therapeutic utility and the validity of the platform’s predictive capability. These include CGEN-25007, CGEN-25008, and CGEN-25017.