Overview & Collaborations Opportunities

We are focused on science-based in silico predictive discovery of biologics – proteins and antibody targets for oncology and immunology. Our discoveries are based on more than a decade of interdisciplinary research, with more than 70 publications in peer-reviewed journals since 2001, leading to over 12 discovery platforms announced so far. We model key biological phenomena such as alternative splicing, protein cleavage and protein interacting segments; we integrate and analyze vast quantities of experimental data, both public and proprietary, and systematically predict and select novel product candidates for oncology and immunology. We form R&D collaborations with biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to discover novel drug candidates that are of interest to partners (e.g., inhibition of a target of interest and discovery of novel family members). We also form co-development collaborations around discoveries already in our portfolio, aiming to further advance these programs towards IND, and provide partners with exclusive licenses for further clinical development and commercialization.

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