CGEN-928, a new drug target for the treatment of multiple myeloma (“MM”) is a membrane protein which was predicted through the use of Compugen’s mAb Targets Discovery Platform. CGEN-928 is uniquely present in advanced disease stages of MM as well as in drug-resistant and aggressive MM, indicating potential targeting of the more aggressive disease stages and types, currently an unmet medical need.Further studies demonstrated that a polyclonal antibody which specifically recognizes CGEN-928, decreases MM tumor cell proliferation and induces apoptosis. Furthermore, an enhanced decrease in in vitro MM tumor cell growth was demonstrated when combining the CGEN-928 antibody with each of three existing MM standard of care drugs (bortezomib, melphalan, and dexamethasone), compared with the drugs alone. These studies suggest a potential synergistic effect of combining the targeting of CGEN-928 with standard of care drugs, thus providing a potentially enhanced clinical response with the combination therapy. The overall results of the studies done to date for CGEN-928, both of expression and functionality, strongly support its continued development as a potential target for monoclonal antibody based therapy for MM.